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„Future cannot be predicted, it needs to be created“ – Stefan Hyttfors


Being a successful organisation and having introduced the quality management system and invoked Lean philosophy UAB „PANODEN“ is capable of controlling its product and process quality during production and services it provides. The proof of it is quality execution of customers’ orders and long term partnership lasting for over 20 years already.


Environment protection is becoming more and more topical issue both on the global and local level. The number of initiatives and various agreements keeps increasing. As environment protection is coming to the fore UAB „PANODEN“ is taking more actions to that account:

  • exercises influence through various target groups; continues improving its activities and assumes certain obligations and responsibilities;
  • carries out its activities applying various management systems (application of environment protection management standards, etc.)

The company makes public its obligations towards reduction of pollution, also joins various industrial organizations seeking to demonstrate its responsible approach to the environment.