Meat and meat products packaging

Taking into account the individual needs of our customers we may suggest the  most suitable type of meat packaging – we offer vacuum bags, „flow pack“ type laminated (medium barrier PET/LDPE or OPA/LDPE, etc., high barrier PETbar//LDPE, PET//PE/EVOH/PE, OPP/EVOH/PE,  PA/EVOH/PE) foils  (for packing in modified atmosphere), also foils of various thicknesses, easy-to-open („peel“), no dew condensation („anti-fog“) and possessing other useful features, with 8 colour flexographic high definintion (HD) print for the following meat products:

  • Sausages
  • Cooked sausages, wieners
  • Smoked meat products
  • Fresh meat products
  • Pre-cooked products
  • Other

By laminating various foils we make multilayer packaging showing required barriers qualities. For production of such packaging we use PP, BOPP, PE, PET, PE-EVOH, OPA and other foils. Most popular combinations for meat products are:

  • PET+PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PE, etc.

In case a special packaging is required, then based on their over 20 years experience in packaging business our specialists may come up with the solution most responsive to your needs. For production of packaging we use only tested and certified materials meeting EU requirements.

„Flow pack“ type barrier packaging

By laminating various polymeric foils we are in a position to produce „Flow pack“ type barrier packaging suitable for packing of products in modified atmosphere. Below please find several combinations:

Medium barrier laminates:

  • PET // LDPE
  • OPA // LDPE

High barrier laminates:

  • PET bar // LDPE
  • PA // PE-EVOH–PE

Other combinations of packaging materials may be suggested by our specialists taking into account the specific need of the customer.

„Lidding“ barrier packaging

„Lidding“ barrier packaging is produced by laminating several polymeric materials with different qualities and suitable for food packaging in modified atmosphere.  Below please find several possible combinations:

  • PET // LDPE
  • OPA // LDPE

Modified combinations of the materials may be suggested by our specialists taking into account the specific need of the customer.

Barrier bags

Barrier bags are produced from foil produced by laminating different polymeric materials and forming wide seams. Barrier bags are intended for products to be packed in modified atmosphere.

Several examples of packaging for smoked meat products:

  • Glossy and transparent barrier bags – BOPP transp. // PE-EVOH- PE
  • Glossy, UV protection barrier bags

Taking into account the customer‘s wishes and expectations our specialists may also suggest other materials for suitable packaging.