IOCO Packaging technology for reaching bold goals of our clients

You are welcome to learn more about the new technologies we use to implement bold, attractive, and safe packaging solutions for the success of your business. […]

Uteco print line

The next generation print line incorporates state-of-the-art water-based printing technologies, which allow to achieve especially high level of print quality (Full HD technology) and to drastically reduce the environmental impact of production. At the same time the print line offers bigger accuracy, flexibility and speed. For these reasons the latest IOCO Packaging innovation allows us to:

Make more organic and cleaner products. (more…)

The unique laminator

The new laminator is geared towards higher productivity and more responsible production. Innovative device technologies enable more efficient use of glues and hardeners used when laminating. The new IOCO Packaging lamination innovation allows us to:

Reduce production costs. The unit’s built-in system for measuring and controlling the amount of adhesive applied allows accurate metering and control of the amount of (more…)

EyeC Proofiler

Along with the latest printing and laminating technologies, IOCO Packaging always strives to use the most advanced high quality control systems. The latest technology, EyeC Proofiler, installed in the company, allows you to digitally compare the first sample from a printing unit with a customer-approved pdf file (proof), so we can always be sure we get exactly what we expect. The results are immediately achieved so that we can fully control and monitor the process, and document it with traceability. (more…)


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