Sustainable use of resources

In order to contribute to sustainable economic growth in Lithuania, we have established several initiatives aimed at ensuring sustainable consumption and production. Through these initiatives, we plan to improve the overall environmental performance of our products throughout their life cycle, to stimulate demand for high quality products and production technologies, and to provide consumers with information they need to make responsible and sustainable decisions.

Ecology is the interaction of living organisms with their habitat, closely related to climate, geographical location and the relationship between living and non-living nature.

We strive to make these interactions viable and sustainable. That’s why IOCO Packaging is a 100% ecological company. In our activities we:

  • We recycle 100% of 80% of produced packaging (PE, PP, PP+PP, PE+PE).
  • We use raw materials without any allergens.
  • We use a catalytic incinerator to reduce the concentration of COAL to 10.6mg/1m³, although the permitted rate in the Republic of Lithuania is 100mg/1m³.

  • We ensure that 100% of the printed production goes with the recycling symbol.
  • We installed a solar power plant (0.3MW), after installing solar modules on the roof of the building of the company.

Saulės energija švaresnės aplinkos išsaugojimui

Prieš daugiau nei 5 metus mes net negalvojome apie atsinaujinančią energetiką, o ką jau kalbėti apie saulės fotoelementus, bet dabar kai jie dengia mūsų gamyklos stogą, džiaugiamės galintys prisidėti tokiais sprendimais prie švaresnės aplinkos.

Publiée par IOCO Packaging sur Mercredi 26 juin 2019