The unique laminator

The new laminator is geared towards higher productivity and more responsible production. Innovative device technologies enable more efficient use of glues and hardeners used when laminating. The new IOCO Packaging lamination innovation allows us to:

Reduce production costs. The unit’s built-in system for measuring and controlling the amount of adhesive applied allows accurate metering and control of the amount of adhesive needed during the production process. This helps to significantly reduce the consumption of raw materials and production costs.

Reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated during lamination. The unit holds the adhesive and the hardener in separate feed chambers and mixes only at the lamination site. For this reason, all of the prepared mixture is used during the production and no hazardous waste is left.

Achieve higher lamination speed and higher quality. In the unit, raw materials are laminated using an advanced three-compression roller system that improves the adhesion of raw materials to the adhesive and ensures even distribution of the adhesive between the materials.

Eliminate inaccuracies in determining quantities of the adhesive resulting from human error. The system used to control the amount of adhesive applied allows to precisely control of the amount of adhesive applied throughout the laminating process. This helps to avoid human error and to manage product quality risks, related to product quality due to other factors (e.g. lamination speed, shaft deformation, etc.).

Operatively perform repetitive work. The unit saves transaction data in its database and enables quick repeated works.