Dairy products packaging

We offer „flow pack“ type laminated, laminated barrier and single layer packaging foil as well as vacuum and barrier bags with 8 colour flexographic high definition (HD) print for the following dairy products:

  • Ice cream
  • Glazed curd bars
  • Curd
  • Fermented cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Cottage cheese

For production of dairy products packaging  we use the following certified materials:

  • BOPP (transparent, metallized, matt, pearl and white)
  • LDPE (transparent, white, metallized)
  • EVOH- PE
  • PET (transparent and metallized)

and other metallized foils.

Vacuum and barrier bags

Vacuum and barrier bags are made from web produced by laminating different materials. Barrier bags are intended for products packed in modified atmosphere.

For cottage cheese we can offer:

  •  vacuum bags – PET  transparent // LDPE

For packaging of other kinds of cheese we can offer:

  • Matt appearance barrier bags – BOPP matt // EVOH- PE

Taking into account the customer‘s wishes and expectations our specialists may also suggest other materials for suitable packaging.

„Flow-pack“ type packaging

„Flow pack“ type packaging may be made from a single layer foil or a laminate of several materials. We can make both ordinary type laminates and laminates with barrier qualities suitable for packaging of food stuffs in modified atmosphere.

For packaging of ice cream or glazed curd bars we offer:

  • Matt appearance, UV protection packaging – BOPP matt// BOPP metal
  • glossy, UV protection packaging – BOPP transp// BOPP metallized
  • Pearl, not laminated, high output and economic packaging – BOPP pearl

For cheese packaging we can offer:

  • Matt appearance barrier packaging – BOPP matt//EVOH-PE

For mozzarella cheese we can offer:

  • Glossy, white background, liquid proof  packaging – OPA // LDPE white

„Lidding“ barrier packaging

„Lidding“ barrier packaging is produced by laminating several polymeric materials with different qualities and suitable for food packaging in modified atmosphere.  Such combinations are:

  • PET // LDPE
  • OPA // LDPE

Modified combinations of the materials may be suggested by our specialists taking into account the specific need of the customer.