Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging is a type of packaging that has been produced in such a way that its constituent materials can be processed into products that comply with the standards applicable to those products in the EU and/or only in Lithuania, or its constituent materials can be biodegraded so that most of it would turn into compost, carbon dioxide, and water.

We help our business partners to find the best solutions for 100% recyclable packaging and we can offer the following laminate structures:


Mono-material PP+PP laminates:

PP Matt//PP; PP//PP

PP//PP – barrier packaging

PP//PP//PP – with metal barrier coating

Intended use

Packaging of various foodstuffs and microwave heating of semi-manufactured products (+121 °C up to 30 min.)

Suitable for flow pack and top seal (Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP) packaging types

Mono-material PE+PE laminates:

PE//PE White; PE//PE based:

Suitable for flow pack packaging; to form eco-friendly doy-packs and vacuum pouches.

Packaging of various foodstuffs:

dried fruit and vegetables, pet food, confectionery, semi-manufactured and frozen products, etc.

Mono PE or PP

Materials used:

CPP (non-oriented polypropylene)

LDPE (low-density polyethylene)

LDPE matte polyethylene

PE GREEN (from sugar cane or tall oil)

Wide choice of material thicknesses (23–60 µm).

Available wicket bag sizes:

Biggest wicket bag: width 390 (mm) x height 600 (mm)

Smallest wicket bag: width 90 (mm) x height 260 (mm)

100% recyclable wicket bags for bread packaging

Paper PAP

(as an alternative to multilayer laminates with an aluminium layer)

Paper packaging is renewable, 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

We can offer thermoformed polymer-free paper packaging:

  • paper packaging without barrier coating
  • paper packaging with barrier coating

Can be used for packaging of various products such as biscuits, sugar, snacks, chocolate bars etc.

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