Top lidding films

We manufacture top lidding (barrier) films by laminating polymeric materials of various properties suitable for packaging food in a gaseous (MAP) environment.

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Technical information

Final product presentation format for customer:
A roll

Minimum order:
150 kg

Order manufacturing time:
4-5 weeks

Raw materials used:
PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), PE (polyethylene) with EVOH barrier (high, medium, low), PA (polyamide). Various modifications of packaging materials are available and are chosen by our company experts according to the customer’s product, dish materiality, the packaging unit, preferences and expectations.

Printing method:
customer designs realized on packaging with Full HD Flexo in max 10 colours (CMYK + 5Pantone + 1Blue) or max 10Pantone (9Pantone + 1White), water or alcohol based.

Barrier properties:
EVOH, UV protection; impermeability to moisture, oxygen and gas; resistance to aggressive substances and grease.

Design solutions:
glossy, matte, semi-matte, “rough” paper effect, etc.

Additional packaging features:
easy peel – facilitates opening of the package.
antifog – ensures visibility of the product and guarantees that the upper film will not shrink even when the temperature in the packaging protective (MAP) environment changes significantly. Resistance to puncture and other mechanical effects.

Packaging solution for your products:
For meat products: smoked and raw meat and sausages.
Cheese, curd, bread, fish, etc.

Benefits and our Warranties

  1. Premium packaging with high resolution print.
  2. Only certified raw materials from certified ISO and BRC suppliers that meet the strictest hygienic EU requirements in the food industry.
  3. A wide selection of packaging thickness (12-150).
  4. Submission of declarations of conformity on the basis of quality certificates and chemical tests of the packaging.
  5. Qualified assistance from a personal service manager.
  6. All printed products are approved using a recycling symbol.
  7. We recycle 100% of 80% of produced packaging (PE, PP, PP+PP, PE+PE)..
  8. We use raw materials without any allergens.
  9. Our expert advice on packaging:


Choosing the right material
We help you choose the right materials to effectively protect your product, ensure its durability and minimize environmental impact. We advise when thickness can be reduced without sacrificing safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Improving product packaging equipment productivity
When needed, our specialists share technical information to help raise technical qualification of your employees and to facilitate decision-making.

Attention to detail before printing
Based on their design and manufacturing knowledge, our print preparation specialists give you the opportunity to consider each element of the packaging so you can rest assured when approving the proof, knowing that all highest printing requirements will be met during the manufacturing process.

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