About us

Today IOCO Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible flexographic printing packages in the Baltic States. Our team is comprised of industry professionals who rely on 30 years of market experience and cutting-edge technological innovation to ensure that our customers always enjoy highest quality processes of printing, laminating, and efficient business management.

Vision, Mission and Values

Since IOCO Packaging was founded in 1993, our business has been motivated by one question: how can we help our clients to pursue ever more ambitious goals and succeed in implementing them? Answers discovered by market leaders over a quarter of a century have shaped our company world-view based on the following provisions:

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Responsible and sustainable production

We are not only proud of our work results, but also of the work process itself. From the very beginning, we consistently implement best manufacturing practices, efficiently use raw materials, and minimize the environmental impact of production. We are happy that this commitment encourages us to improve and strive for optimal, faster and more efficient production processes.

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Customer success is built by happy employees

We are well aware of the challenges our customers face and we know that we will only be able to solve them if our employees are always ahead of the market. That’s why we put every effort towards keeping our employees motivated and committed to excellence, keeping up with market innovations and finding the best solutions. Luckily for our employees, we enable them to work for the success of our clients.

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Our products for clients (High Fashion) expression

Our product is an expression of High Fashion. We design our packages knowing that it can be a real object of attraction. That is why we always offer our customers exceptionally attractive, premium quality and extremely reliable products. Our service is our business card – we have earned our reputation as a reliable, value-added partner by creating impeccable packaging.

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business partners

Partners and good practices to achieve goals

Striving for excellence means being open to new sources of knowledge, competence and resources. We are proud to have developed an extensive network of trusted commercial and technology partners throughout years of operation that provide learning opportunities and motivate to seek for more.

Certificates, memberships and policy

We are also developing our global good practices in areas of environmental protection, sustainable production and process management. The company has BRSGS and HALAL implementing ISO standards, and the Lean system. Implemented and constantly improving a Know How – standards of print, raw materials and inks – thanks to the knowledge, experience and global practice of company experts.

We actively participate in various activities. As of July 2014 our company is the member of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce. From November of 2019 we are members of The Norwegian Packaging Association.